Why Us

We take your advertisement and transform it onto a mobile billboard ad. Expect fully customizable plans at hourly rates, that will fit your marketing needs.


Current mobile billboard ad companies are lazy.  They charge you a large design fee, for an obnoxious billboard, slap it on the side of a truck and drive around for a month.  You then have to pay a hefty fee for a mobile billboard ad that they “claim” was targeted to your audience.  For some, this may be the case, but check out the example below, using a large-scale mobile billboard ad scenario:

whiskeyrow-blur web page imageA business owner has a nightclub.  This nightclub is open Thursday-Saturday, from 9PM-2AM, in Scottsdale, AZ.  Advertising online is not an option, as this owner simply does not have the time to do so. The online market is saturated and the amount of time to manage advertising is astronomical, projecting a poor return on investment.  The business owner decides to pop for a popular mobile billboard ad agency.  After trying to contact this company multiple times, via their website, he finally gets a response.  The company rushes through their sales pitch and sets up the business owner with a one-month mobile billboard plan.  This plan is one of their cheapest, at $5000.  The vehicle drives 7 days/week, for 8 hours/day, making the rate just under $23/hour, and boast of the lowest cost-per-impression in the business.  That’s a great rate!  The problem with these big name mobile billboard companies is that they only care about the cost per impression, while you’re worried about business coming in your door! Here are some key points:

  1. The business is only open Thursday- Saturday, from 9PM-2AM. Why pay for advertising at 8AM on a Tuesday morning, when the business isn’t even open for another two days?
  2. These mobile billboard ad companies claim to reach the target market. Again, the customers are most likely not thinking about this club at 8AM on a Tuesday morning.
  3. The mobile billboard ad company only drives until 8PM. Remember, the bar is open at 9PM!
  4. These big mobile billboard ad companies implement a “rotating ad” at this rate. Sometimes, there are up to 3 additional ads, each getting the same amount of time on the rotation.  You’re essentially getting 25% of the time you’re paying for, meaning you’re only getting 25% of the impressions! So, you’re actually paying almost $90/hour!


AZ Ad Mobile- Wolverine Side ViewEssentially, this business owner shells out the $5000 for a “targeted” mobile billboard ad campaign,but, does not get a great ROI and swears off this marketing “scam”.  Big mobile billboard companies are not meant to cater to the small businesses, especially in the Phoenix area.  Phoenix has a lot of small, niche-type businesses.  These businesses require a niche-type mobile billboard plan. AZ Ad Mobile is your niche mobile billboard answer!
AZ Ad Mobile offers a number of options for your mobile billboards, thus creating a fully customized plan that will deliver optimal results. Our services and features are as follows:

  • Hourly Advertising- We understand that paying large amounts of cash on a monthly basis for advertising is a huge investment.  This is why we offer hourly rates at low minimums, for your mobile billboard ad!
  • Custom Routes- We offer custom routes and can drive where the large mobile billboard trucks can’t drive! We target main strips, side streets and anywhere with foot traffic.  We will sit down with you to determine the best route, based on car and foot traffic that match your target audience.
  • Vehicle tracking- We provide reports on the location of your mobile billboard ad, on demand! See the path, distance traveled and more!
  • Easy banner design services- Banner design is a snap, and turnaround time is quick. For more information, please visit our Ad Specs page.
  • Flyer/Material handout services- Want to sweeten the deal with a free appetizer? Perhaps a buy-one-get-one offer?  As an additional service, we also offer promotional handouts to get more visibility to your business!
  • State-of-the-art vehicle– We want to get eyes on your ad, which is why we advertise with Yamaha Wolverines- a side-by-side vehicle, guaranteed to turn heads!
  • Exclusive billboard ad layout-We have engineered our mobile billboard to increase visibility and viewing times. More visibility and longer viewing times equals more business!
  • Top-notch customer service- AZ Ad Mobile is run by MikeG.Marketing- a local marketing consultant with 10 years of advertising experience, who is dedicated to your satisfaction. Understanding a niche market is critical to the success of Phoenix area businesses, looking to advertise.  Lets talk!