How it Works

AZ Ad Mobile is committed to providing a positive advertising experience, with excellent results.

We at AZ Ad Mobile pride ourselves in our mobile billboard and marketing services. Here’s how it works:

1. We sit down with you and determine the banner approach. What are we advertising?

  • Are we advertising a promotion?
  • Are we advertising just the business and location?


2. We determine the banner design, with your direction.

  • Is a design already created? Is it in proper format?
  • Does a design need to be made?  We can design it for you!
  • Do you need any additional marketing material, for handouts?  We do that too!


map-web page

3. We create a driving plan.

  • What routes will be the best “bang for your buck”?
  • What time of day works best for your target market?
  • How long/frequent would you like us to advertise?

After these 3 simple steps, its all up to us to deliver!

4. We drive and report back.

  • We drive the routes you request.
  • We report up-to-the minute location and route status
  • We provide analytics and reporting, after the route is complete!