“Running a mobile billboard by AZ Ad Mobile are the best option in today’s market.  They offer quality impressions, directly to your target audience and offer a great ROI for your business.” –Darin Z.

Let’s face it, marketing in today’s business world in Phoenix is tough. There is an abundance of traffic in a confined area, and Phoenician business owners are constantly striving for that competitive edge. The market is competitive, and the traditional advertising methods are saturated.  Everyone is competing for the same space, driving up advertising fees and reducing return on investment.   Why continue advertising the same methods, with a reduced ROI?  Where is the latest method, to bring back an excellent return on your investment?

AZ Mobile Ads has the marketing method, which is necessary to help grow your business. Owned and managed by Mikeg.marketing, AZ Mobile Ads executes exceptional mobile billboard advertising, with a wide variety of options, to fit your needs.  We understand that running a giant static mobile billboard on a one-month term may not be ideal for your business.  Seriously, who has $9,000 for one method of advertising?! Let’s be honest- decals on the side of passenger golf carts are simply too small to see!  Life moves fast- let your billboard ad move faster.  You’ll get more eyes on your ad and, in return, more business!  It’s about time that there is a mobile billboard company in Phoenix that offers what the business owners want:  a customizable mobile advertising option that will not break the bank.

AZ Ad Mobile- Wolverine Back RightAZ Mobile Ads, offers custom mobile billboard advertising options to fit your marketing budget.  We are a small business as well. We understand the value of a dollar and will stretch yours, to achieve the best mobile billboard experience possible! Click here to learn more about our service!

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